How Writing and Pregnancy are Alike

15 ways writing a book is like pregnancy

It has been a while since I wrote a book. Life gets in the way, and I decided at the beginning of the year that I wanted to start writing again. After many months of the process, MAISY’S MIRROR is finally available!!

When the after-effects of publishing hit me, it felt a lot like postpartum depression. I got to thinking that writing had similarities to pregnancy. Here are some comparisons that came to mind. Feel free to add to them!

  1. They both take about nine months (give or take)writing and pregnancy
  2. You put on pounds as you get closer to delivery (goes along with #3)
  3. Destroys your eating plans (going for hours without moving)
  4. Shortness of breath (from exciting storylines)
  5. You don’t want to get dressed (you can spend days in your bathrobe)
  6. Exhausted (because you never move and see #2)
  7. Can’t sleep through the night (ideas and scenes running through your mind)
  8. Headaches/lower backache (from sitting too long)
  9. Mood swings (tears, laughter)
  10. More assertive (especially as your characters get more intense)
  11. Not interested in anything else
  12. Wondering if it will arrive on time
  13. There’s a hard push at the end
  14. The end is fast and furious
  15. Postpartum depression (you say goodbye to people you’ve known intimately for months)