Willow’s Secret

Prequel in the Thunder on the Mountain Series

This enchanting Historical Romance Novel is set between Nederland, Boulder, and Denver in the early 1900s. Life was changing for everyone, and Willow and Charles were no exception.

She laughed when she heard of her stepfather’s untimely demise. It was at that precise moment he fell in love.

Willow is capable and vibrant in a society that does not yet value the opinions of women. Too busy for daydreams of handsome heroes, it doesn’t prevent fantasies of the distractingly virile Charles from intruding on her thoughts more frequently than she’d like.

Knowing his presence in her life threatens all she’s ever known, Willow fights the pursuit of the one man who can ravage her world. As she tries to ignore her growing attraction, he has no shame in fanning the fiery flames that spark every time they are near each other.

Passionate and tender . . .
You will enjoy the clash of wills and coming of age in this quick-reading and intriguing historical romance filled with steamy sensuality. A love story about Willow, daughter of Jordan and Edward from Jordan’s Gift. She was the first inhabitant in the enchanted cottage behind Madeline Manor and ancestor to Jordan and Brandan in Thunder Struck, Book 2 in the Thunder on the Mountain Series.


What People are Saying about Willow’s Secret

Willow’s Secret casts its spell on the reader with charismatic characters, enchanting scenery, fascinating history, and spellbinding love. P. Barsotti

Willow’s Secret rocked my boat. It wasn’t at all the dry and dusty historical romances I’ve attempted to read from other authors. This one pulled at me to read all day long until I finished the book. D. Bennett

I love the way Mimi is able to paint such vivid pictures in my mind. How her heroine’s are always such strong, independent, capable women. The kind of woman you want to “grow up” to be. Willow is no exception. Pennylane

I loved that Willow had a passion for doing the right thing for others, and I loved that Charles loved that about her. Kelly

Ms. Foster’s writing style draws you in so completely that you feel you are truly a part of the story. Linda Burnett

Interesting characters, well described scenes, and so very nice to see happy and healthy relationships that seem to be lacking in today’s popular books! Susan Emo

Ms. Foster’s writing style is such that you can’t help but feel you have traveled to the time and place she describes. Tammy

What an inspirational story, full of loving and passionate relationships! It’s not only about the affluent “haves,” but also about genuine altruism at it’s finest! It’s about how, with love and care, one can overcome almost any peril life throws at us. Pam Q.

Charles and Willow’s love was tender and passionate, as I’ve come to expect from this series. It’s rather clever how you care about the family in the late 1800s, early 1900s, and then to find out about what happens a century later in the contemporary books by this author just brings it full circle. Debbie B

I don’t know if I ever get tired of saying, “This is my new favorite book by Ms. Foster.” Thank you for sharing this wonderful love story. Theresa Rodriguez

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