Thunder Struck

Book 2 in the Thunder on the Mountain Series

A Betrayed Bride . . .
New York lawyer, Jordan Whitman, decides to get the hell out of Dodge rather than face the fallout from a canceled wedding. A Bed and Breakfast in the tiny town of Nederland, Colorado, sounds like the perfect cure for a broken heart, but she finds that the country house of her dreams is actually a run-down manor that hasn’t been inhabited in almost three decades.

A Confirmed Bachelor . . .
Local contractor, Brandan Webb, can do anything . . . except relationships. The last thing he wants is a destructive marriage like his parents, but as he works with Jordan to restore the once-magnificent Victorian, his preconceived notions of commitment are challenged. Now the hard part will be convincing the gun-shy Jordan to be more than just friends, especially since he’d made it clear he doesn’t believe in love.

An All-Enduring Love . . .
When they find a hidden room containing century-old secrets, they trace the history of Madeline Manor. Embarking on a path to correct old wrongs, they discover a passion over a hundred years in the making, proving love can conquer all.

Book 2 in the Thunder on the Mountain Series, this is a sensual, easy-reading Contemporary Romance with a touch of magical realism. Readers will enjoy the sexual tension, the history that weaves a tapestry of past with present, and a friendship that binds them together as he uses their unmistakable attraction to convince this New York lawyer to stay in Colorado and fall in love.

What People are saying about Thunder Struck

It is simply and truly amazing!! Every single moment and every single page of this book was like Christmas morning. Amazeballs Book Addicts

This story was excellently crafted, well written, well-paced, enthralling, clever, and steamy. Honolulubelle

This romance has everything I long for in a romance novel, an intelligent, yet vulnerable heroine I can relate to, a dashing, strong and very sexy hero, mystery, and a fantastical mansion complete with secret rooms with fairytale finishes. P. Stachel

Jordan and Brandan’s secret connection keeps you riveted with every new chapter. Pennylane

The way that Mimi Foster continues a story series by bringing in new characters and growing on main characters from the previous book is genius. Theresa Rodriguez

I have to say the way Mimi Foster handled and wrote the mystery and suspense parts of this book was absolutely a touch of pure genius! Donna Cheatle

Thoroughly enjoyable ~ a fun, comforting, cozy read with betrayal, mystery, nostalgia, romance, and a sincerely worthy hero. Stevie S.

Thunder Struck, like all other volumes of this series, is simply amazing. The author keeps you entertained and hooked until the very last page. ML Rosado

Fascinating romance that develops along with the mystery of their family connection. It has a slight paranormal aspect but is realistic, not fantasy. Bookzilla

I give this book 5 stars and I can’t wait to see everyone else get struck by the thunder! Crazy Cajun Book Addict

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