THUNDER SNOW Ready for Submission

My first novel, Thunder Snow, is now finished and will be submitted to agents and publishers over the next few months. Memorable characters and endearing storyline. Stay tuned.

Less than two hours from Denver, Nederland is affectionately thought of as a town where hippies grow old. Serious about its ‘live and let live’ attitude, this tiny town is the perfect hideaway for Jack Franklin to have escaped from the world for the past few years. He is a man with a secret who has become adept at ignoring tourists who trek through his refuge.

His peace and quiet is threatened when Callie Weston, a hotshot young realtor, seeks sanctuary in an enchanting cabin built into the hillside overlooking the water. Trying to elude her own personal demons, Callie retreats, hoping to find solace in this unique, picturesque hamlet.

Soon the locals are calling her Bella Roja and treating her like one of their own – except Jack. The more sparks fly between them, the more determined he is to drive her away. She’s tired of running and won’t back down from her plans of hiding in seclusion for the winter. But the deeper their relationship gets, the more their pasts converge to keep them apart.

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