Three things I learned this Christmas

Christmas Lessons

three things I learned this Christmas
With daughters and granddaughter

Family is what matters. This was the first time in their lives that all of my girls were not home for Christmas. We are close knit, and the girls are close to each other as a group, close in varying pairs, and certainly close when facing the rest of the world when defending one of their own. We knew this Christmas was going to be difficult, but I was surprised how sad it was to not have them all together, which is the greatest joy to this mother’s heart. With the miracle of smart phones and laptops, we were able to keep Skype and Facetime going throughout the day, which was a great alternative. But we are already making plans for next year so we don’t ever have to do this again. (I adore my family.)

It’s not about the food. Having five daughters, five grandchildren, and a home that is generally the gathering place, I am used to fixing lots of food. With the advent of Pinterest, I have taken to making unique displays of food as well. Several years ago we started doing a Christmas buffet because no one ever wanted to take the time to actually sit down and eat a meal. But as I sent pounds and pounds of leftovers with departing family and friends, and I opened my refrigerator and had no place to put anything else, it finally struck me that we just don’t eat that much. So I have promised that at the next gathering there will only be a small, select group of goodies, and not the dozens of offerings that I somehow have always felt were necessary.

Amazing husbandI’m married to an amazing human. I’ve always known it, but never was it more apparent than the past few days. As I stayed up on Christmas Eve making goodies, he stood beside me until midnight, doing dishes, grating cheese, boiling eggs, helping in any way he could. When I woke at 4:00 a.m. to finish wrapping presents before the rush of arrivals, he got up with me, working to make my life easier. Not because he had to, but because he loves me so much he goes out of his way to provide physical and emotional support when he can. I am truly blessed.

I hope your holiday was a memory to cherish, and that the spirit of the season continues with you throughout the year.