Three Delightful Things To Do During Quarantine

Group Dinners

Are you looking for interesting things to do during quarantine? With the availability of features like FaceTime, Zoom, Houseparty, Skype (does anyone use Skype anymore?), tele-meetings are almost as easy as turning on your phone, tablet, or computer. A dear friend of mine has started Sunday Dinners. My husband and I had so much fun having a video chat with several friends as we joined them for wine and dinner this past week.

It’s a great way to stay social during these times of Sheltering in Place. As the mother of five daughters and five grands, I’m looking forward to getting all of my chicks and grandkids together regularly to keep track of how everyone’s doing. (One in NY, one in Portland, three here, it’s more important than ever to stay together.)

Keep An Eye On Your Neighbor

two older ladies waving from their front yard

Do you have a neighbor who is elderly? Infirm? Homebound? Give them three sheets of different colored paper to put in their window. For instance, in a window that’s visible from your house, have them put in a green sheet of paper to say, “I’m okay.” Yellow means, “I need help with an errand.” Red means there’s an emergency.

You might want to write on the back of each piece of paper so they remember what each one is for. Some are calling it Isolation Communication. They will appreciate the comfort of knowing someone is looking out for them. One of my biggest sadnesses through this time of isolation is that our elderly are alone and don’t always understand. This is a great way to look out for each other as we learn new ways to take care of people.

Read a Book

Have time on your hands? Tired of binge watching Tiger King? How about some romantic escapes that will leave you feeling happy and satisfied? Choose from Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance, or Paranormal Romance. For a few hours, find yourself a knight in shining armor. Whether you’re being transported to the Colorado Rocky Mountains or the shores of Castine, Maine, you will love escaping with characters who will become friends; interrelated stories you’ll be sorry to see end.

But more important than all of that, please contact me if there’s anything I can do to help you. If you need someone to talk to during these trying times, I’m here. Reach out. I promise I’ll respond.

looking for interesting things to do during quarantine - a knight in shining armor with a rose

Can you suggest other brilliant ideas as it looks like we’re going to have limited mobility for the coming month, at least? Let me know in the comments below.