The art of a personal letter

Words of Encouragement

In our age of electronics, it is so easy to send an email, text, Facebook message, tweet. But there is still something so rewarding about unexpectedly receiving a personal letter from someone. As a first-time novelist, I have been surprised at how vulnerable it makes you feel to allow people to see into the inner workings of your mind. While my book is completely fictional, it came from my thought processes, and like most things in life, you are not going to please everyone.

Therefore, to receive a personal note like I got yesterday, out of the blue, from someone who enjoyed my book, Thunder Snow, so much that she took the time to write and mail a letter, is not only heartwarming, it encourages me to keep going. Here is an excerpt from Praise for Thunder Snowthat note:

Congratulations on your new book! Loved it – loved it – loved it! Loved Callie and Jack! Love to read a book that cannot be put down until it is finished! Loved how Jack lovingly used the words “little one” to refer to Callie as I have always used those words with my son – even though he is 30-years-old and 6 ft. tall. Loved how you integrated the real estate industry as well. Loved how Callie loved her camera and was always taking photos . . . Again, many congratulations! Can’t wait for the next book.