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Mimi Foster Thunder SnowAbsolutely my favorite I’ve ever read (M. Rath)
This is the best book I’ve ever read. I couldn’t put it down! Loved the mystery surrounding Jack. He was a genuine romantic and from the beginning Callie fell in love with his rather rough exterior. They are the perfect couple. He is very protective of her and would go to any length to keep her safe.

Sensational read! (S. Hubbert)
I loved everything about this book. I could not put it down! The story moved quickly and had a good ending.Would recommend to everyone.

Thunder Snow (Happycat)
Wow! Wonderful love story. Read in one sitting. Will look for more books by Mimi Foster. Delightfully written. Nice escape.

Breathtaking! (C. Badie)

This novel is by far one of the best stories I’ve ever read. I could not put it down until it was over! Two thumbs up!

Idyllic setting for rejuvenating one’s soul. (L. Friedman)
I enjoyed both the characters and the setting of this book. Although she is not looking for love, Callie finds it in the character Jack, who has also come to Nederland to heal his soul.

The setting that author Mimi Foster creates is idyllic in the quiet mountain town of Nederland. Her descriptions of the natural areas, townspeople and country cabin she visits are very illustrative. It is the perfect book for reading while sitting in front of a warm fire on a snowy night, which is exactly what I did. I devoured the book in two sittings. This book makes me want to visit Nederland and Callie’s cozy cabin in the woods.

In addition to the characters of Callie and Jack, who are realistic in their faults as well as their virtues, there is the lovable grandfatherly character of Sam who adds a nice dimension to the book in his down home friendliness. I can just picture his warmth and smile.

Snow is not all that thunders in this delightful book!! (Pitzi)
Very entertaining and made you feel in the moment with them. There was a wonderful surprise ending after some suspenseful events.

I keep checking Amazon daily for when Thunder Struck will be released! I can’t wait. I’ve read Thunder Snow so many times I’m on the edge of my seat!

OMG, just finished Thunder Snow, amazing story. I was at work while finishing the last portion when I noticed I was crying. You know you’re reading a great book when you don’t even realize how caught up in the characters you are.

What an INCREDIBLE book! I truly enjoyed every word! The way you wove the suspense into a beautiful story was just awesome. I immediately went to Amazon to preorder book#2 and was disappointed that I couldn’t! The first chapter hooked me big time. Please add me to your distribution list when it is released!

The Quintessential Contemporary Romance (Liberty Ann)
I think I would qualify Thunder Snow as a true Contemporary Romance book. Ms. Foster created characters and a story that had all of the elements we want, damsel in distress, kind-hearted advisor, dashing hero yet he was not perfect, breathtaking scenery and happily-ever-after. It was so enjoyable to read.

I loved this book. I loved the characters, the setting, the interaction between Callie and Sam and Callie and Jack. I was thrilled when they began to become friends and then possibly even more, and was sad and annoyed when they met bumps and swerves in the road. I was on a Rocky Mountain High when they were and grieved when they did. There was passion and depth to the love affair between Callie and Jack and their intimacy was both sexy and appropriate.

This book and Mimi achieved something that I consider to be a huge coup: By the end of the story (and possible much earlier, truth be told) I wanted to BE Callie. I often love characters and would even go so far as to feel like they are my friends, but to want to live that character’s life, warts and all? That is really saying something. I would whole heartedly recommend this book to romance readers without reservation and completely look forward to Thunder Struck.

Romantic, Fun, and a Great Read! (Catlady)
Mimi Foster has a style of her own for writing romance and fun with some mystery all tied into the story. I enjoyed this book because not only was the story a good read but it kept you moving throughout. Ms. Foster’s description of the town Nederland made me want to be part of this quaint town with its unique characters. You will not soon forget Jack & Callie’s story. I started reading it and did not want to put it down. I am so looking forward to the next book “Thunder Struck“.

Wonderful (JoAnne)
This is a wonderful story. I was on the edge of my seat trying to guess which way this was going!! I read this book in a couple of hours. It had me so wrapped up, that I had to find out how it was going to end. Mimi Foster is a wonderful writer. Thanks for an awesome book!!!

Steamy, sexy and deliciously romantic! (Pammy)
This is one that captivates you and holds you wonderfully tight. It’s a perfect book for the beach; so hot you’ll need an umbrella and your sunscreen! Can’t wait for Mimi’s next novel to keep us all warm this winter. I’m sure we won’t need our electric blankets “on!”

Extraordinary Story (Anne Marie)
Loved this book! Thunder Snow is filled with excitement, mystery, drama and romance all in one book that you could not put down! Callie was interesting – loved how she embraced her life. Callie was a successful business woman who seemed to have it all – she was strong, vibrant, determined, and witty – rolled into one dynamic multi-faceted character. Jack was mysterious but seemed to have caught Callie’s attention with his rough exterior. While he became softer around the edges, you wondered what was just below the surface. Both Callie and Jack were running away from their pasts and found solace in the Colorado high country and in each other. Loved getting lost in this book!

Fantastic story! (Carol)
This story had it all. Romance, mystery, suspense and was a great page turner ! I can NOT wait for book two to come out! Thank you, Mimi! I am a fan for life!

Steamy Mimi (Nance)
Very well written and captivating story. I loved the author’s ability to express the heartbreak of the main character, like she’d had a similar experience.

A remarkable story (Marti)
This writer and her true love and passion for writing will keep you with this book in hand until you are finished.

Highly recommend! (BrookeMJH)
Mimi is a beautiful writer with a wonderful sense for story telling. I couldn’t put the book down! Excellent read. Highly recommend!!

Fantastic book!!! (meemer)
Absolutely loved this book. Didn’t see some of it coming. Very we’ll written, extremely believable, cannot tell you how sad I was to have finished it.


Mimi Foster Thunder StruckThunderstruck by Mimi Foster’s Magical Romance (P. Stachel)
I loved Mimi Foster’s first book, Thunder Snow, with the enchanting setting of Nederland, Colorado, and the sensual Callie and Jack. Mimi Foster’s descriptive and suspenseful writing kept me so engaged I read the entire book from the moment of purchase into the wee hours of the next morning. A good read does not begin to describe the magic of Thunder Struck. Mimi’s magnetic characters, Jordan and Brandan, and the truly wondrous Madeline Manor, enthralled me, along with their unfolding love in rooms that whisper of secrets from long ago. This has everything I long for in a romance novel – an intelligent yet vulnerable heroine I can relate to, a dashing, strong and very sexy hero, mystery, and a fantastical mansion complete with secret rooms with fairytale finishes. The characters evolve as the house evolves from decay to splendor, and true to fashion, Mimi lures her readers into intimate fantasies that are incomparable. The Thunder on the Mountain series is addictive, and once again, I am chomping at the bit for book three.

A non-sequel sequel (Theresa Rodriguez)
I LOVED this book. I LOVED the characters Jordan and Brandan and I LOVE how you can read this even if you hadn’t read Thunder Snow first. Thunder Snow, of course, gives you history of some characters in Thunder Struck but they are intertwined books that can stand alone wonderfully. I was caught up in the story of Jordan and Brandan and everyone else in the book from the moment I started to read. I had a hard time putting the story down and concentrating on everyday life. The way that Mimi Foster continues a story series by bringing in new characters and growing on old characters from the previous book is just genius. Loved this book!

 A light, fun, and universally appealing read (Stessie K)
There are so many fun elements to this story — betrayal, mystery, nostalgia, romance, and a sincerely worthy hero. Mimi Foster has a gift for creating ambiance and making the reader wish they were living where her stories take place. It’s even better than her first book (Thunder Snow) — a fun, comforting, cozy read. Thoroughly enjoyable.

Want a book that’s hard to put down? Then pick this one up!!! (Pennylane)
The Author pulls you in from the very beginning with the unexpected betrayal of the main character, Jordan. When she escapes to the quaint Colorado town of Nederland, you can almost feel the change in altitude. Wanting to renovate the old Victorian house she inherits, she meets Brandan, the lead contractor on the job. Their unexplained, instant attraction is soon revealed in the twists and turns the old house reveals. When the Author describes the beauty of the renovation process, you can close your eyes and see the transformation happening.

Jordan and Brandan’s secret connection keeps you riveted with every new chapter. You can almost feel the same emotions the characters experience as their adventure comes to a surprising conclusion. I loved this book so much and would totally recommend it to anyone who enjoys getting swept up and lost in the whole reading experience.

I have just finished reading it and am still reeling! It begins with our main character, Jordan Whitman, an attorney/partner in her father’s uber prominent Manhattan law practice. In the midst of impending nuptials to a brilliant fellow attorney, Andrew, she has a life changing experience. This story starts out smoothly enough and then takes such a sharp hairpin turn early on that you can almost hear the tires screech! Don’t worry though, this baby corners like it’s on rails.

Through happenstance, she finds herself in culture shock in a place called Nederland in the picturesque state of Colorado. It’s a welcome change of pace for her at a time she’s quite open to distraction. Between the renovation of her late aunt’s Victorian home into a B&B, and the charming yet enigmatic contractor, Brandon Webb, Jordan finds herself exploring nooks and crannies, hidden rooms, family history and places in herself, both emotionally and, most definitely, physically she never knew existed!

What these two share with each other, what we’re allowed to share with them, is an amazing journey that will make you laugh, cry, and stimulate ALL your senses. You will be pulled in and swept away by their story. This is full of other characters as well. They all play prominent parts in this compelling saga. The author is so very masterful with words, it allows you to literally feel so invested in what’s happening both emotionally as well as “in your mind’s eye!” It’s as if you’re part of this adventure of discovery. I would love you to share the pure joy I felt immersed in this bright, sensory story. You will not regret it.

Another Great Read by Mimi Foster (David C. Smith)
There is no slow setting of the characters. From page one we witness the betrayal of a prospective bride and the journey begins to unfurl an adventure. More than just a single adventure, this novel weaves a tapestry of adventures together to tell a story that has you involved with the characters, both present and past. You will find yourself turning pages until there are none left to turn. Find a comfortable place to curl up and read, you won’t want to put it down.

Amazing Read (Karessa)
First, I need to say that I Loved the 1st book in this series, Thunder Snow. Once again, Mimi has written an AMAZING STORY! (Totally different from the 1st book!!!) I could not put this book down! The Best thing about this series is that each book is about different characters, so there’s no cliffhanger!!! I can’t say enough about how much I loved this book!

Foster is a genius! (Jean Dupree)
Once again, another amazing read! Mimi Foster has done it again by writing a book I could not put down. Her characters are so well defined and emerged the previous book with perfection. The only bad thing is I read this book too fast and now I have to wait for the next book in this series. I myself fell in love with Brandan. The fact that Foster writes her female characters so strong-willed is refreshing for them to be their own heroine. I can’t wait for the next book!

I could not put this book down! (Carol)
Mimi did not disappoint with her second book in this series! I loved how she combined the past with the current day characters! If you like romance with a little mystery, this book is for you! Just plan on staying up all night like I did to finish!


Mimi Foster Thunder StormTHIS SERIES JUST GETS BETTER AND BETTER (J. J. Ruskuski)
This series is positively addictive. It’s kind of like giving heroin to an addict. Once you start the stories in this series you just can’t put them down. I loved Jeni and Miles and the chemistry between them was just burning up the pages and they hadn’t even gotten together. Miles is a bit of mystery and there is a big reveal at the end that I never saw coming. I loved how he was so sweet and loving and so good to Jeni’s Nana. I though Miles was an amazing and patient man and a wonderful friend before he was Jeni’s magnificent lover.You will love how crafty Nana is even with the Alzheimer’s. She must have been a real pip before. What a wonderful character and what a wonderful addition to this story she is. You will love how the author handles Jeni’s loss of her Mom, and her obligations to her Nana. And you will have a new appreciation for small towns and how they just incorporate all the members of the community into a loving and extended family.

She has done it again! (Sheryle K. Dunbar)
I loved this book! The author has an uncanny way of combining steam and sensuality with an intriguing plot. The Nederland setting of this story has enabled her to bring in the characters we have become so familiar with from her two previous books! Her books always deal with real life crises and this book is no exception. Balancing a career while grieving at the sudden unexpected death of her mother, and coping with the diminishing memory of her grandmother definitely make for a very complex theme. The support and love of her friends and her developing relationship with Miles makes for a great read!

A perfect addition to a great series (“Music Lover”)
I have grown to love the characters that Mimi Foster develops in her books. It just hit me that I love them because, although they seem surreal as they are described, the fact that I can find fault in something they do let’s me know they are also normal people. Mimi did not fail to deliver another engaging couple in Jeni and Miles. Thunder Storm brought back some beloved characters from the first two books, but in such a way that if this was the first book you were reading, you will be caught up fast. (But you’ll also be wanting to go back to get the other two books.) When I read one of these books I feel the desire to move to Colorado, but then remember that I hate cold and snow. BUT if I caught the attention of a man like Miles, well . . .

Fantastic read! (Kimmythegreat)
Thunder Storm is about a woman, Jeni, who has to come to terms with what life has suddenly thrown at her. With the death of her mother and decline in her grandmother’s health, Jeni has to face reality on what her life has become, and what she wants it to be. I felt this book to my core. It was so down to earth, and yet surreal. The situation that Jeni was put in could happen to any of us! The reality of this book hit home with me, and has me super jealous of the “community” that took Jeni and her grandmother in. Their kindness brings Jeni to her knees. Jeni has always had crappy luck with men. When she met Miles, the physical attraction was electric, but after getting to know him, she realized he was really a good guy. Jeni’s adventure with love, life, and death all come to unfold from here. She hasn’t yet dealt with the grief from losing her mother so suddenly, having to cope with the guilt of moving Nana so far away from her to have strangers care for her, and to come to grips with her true feelings for Miles and her career. Let me tell you, Miles does not make it easy for her either, with his SEXY, charming, kind, and thoughtful self! All the poor woman thinks whenever he is around is stripping him naked and riding him like there’s no tomorrow! BUT, there is a private side to Miles that Jeni later finds out that could make or break their future. OOOH, AHHHH…The relationships that grow while Jeni is getting her Nana situated in Colorado are so heart warming. The small town coming together to help, along with the steamy sex, and dealing with her grief, it had me wanting more from each chapter. I could not put this book down willingly. Nana takes all of them on a ride, it’s great! You will love this book!

LOVED IT!!!!!! (Swanky Stories Book Blog ~ Kelly Teti)
Jeni Jenkins is a go-getter who runs a successful business with a tight schedule and no time for anything! Until tragedy strikes and she becomes the sole caregiver to her Grandmother who suffers from Alzheimer’s and is forced to make life choices that will have a huge impact on both of their futures! But with the help of her best friend, Jordan, and Miles Jeffries her world begins to shift and change in ways that she never expected in a million years! Once I started reading, I was hooked on all of the little twists and turns in the story and the dynamics of the characters. I love the chemistry between Jeni and Miles, its like you can feel it while you visualizing the images in your head. Jeni is a strong character but smart and rational in her decision making. Jordan is a great character with a huge heart and tons of love and support for her family and friends. The dedication that these two girls have to each other is completely unbreakable and similar to that of sisters. I especially loved the devotion that was shown towards Jeni˚s Grandmother (Nana) by each of the characters. Nana is a feisty woman with a lot of spirit and a little bit of mystery to her. She will make you laugh at times and shake your head a little at the things that she does. This was truly a book so worth an all nighter!

This one has, without question, blown me away. It was such a delight, catching up with old friends, Jordan and Brandan, and reuniting with Jeni and Miles. I so enjoyed the climb up the emotional mountain of their budding relationship and, let’s just say, once they reached the summit, there was a volcanic eruption like I’d yet to have experienced within myself. It was, to say the least, intoxicating, to the point I found myself breathless! Having been to Colorado, I was right there for all the epic scenery and feel it is, by far, one of the most beautiful states in our country. I have enjoyed each book in this series so much. This, without question, is the best one yet!! I have not enjoyed novels this much since Jaqueline Suzanne and Judith Krantz were publishing their novels! This one is so graphic, in every way. Scenic, character development, dialogue and last, but certain ally not least, the way we’re taken behind bedroom doors to the heights of passion; so caught up in the experience you are swept away in such a euphoric state, you must catch you breath to continue! In case you have any doubt, I LOVED THIS BOOK!!!!!!!

Are you ready for the storm? (ML Rosado)
Usually in romance novels you have the classic alpha male, strong and dominant and his counter part, a delicate woman, who is ready to fall in love. Thunder Storm, book 3 of the Thunder on the Mountain Series, is a nice change to that pattern. Jeni is a strong willed, professional woman who is at a crossroads in her life and is not looking or hoping for a fairytale. She is completely in lust with Miles. They have known each other for some time and she is not shy in telling him exactly how she wants him. It is fun to watch two characters’ obvious attraction and appeal. Especially when the female lead is the one dominating the scene. FUN! Besides the incredible chemistry between Miles and Jeni, Thunder Storm is much more than a romance story. It is a woman facing loss bravely and admirably. Changing her whole life to be truly happy and value the new opportunities that lie in front of her in plain site. Of course hot sex with Miles does not hurt 😉 This book has drama, passion, death, kindness, and even mystery. There are many interesting characters in Thunder Storm from the Thunder on the Mountain Series, but it is a stand-alone as well, although I highly recommend reading all books in the series.

This whole series is freaking fantastic!!! (Amazeballs Book Addicts)
This is book 3 of a series, and even though each book can be read as a standalone, I think they are better read in order. I read Thunder Struck (book 2) as a part of a blog tour and after reading that one I could not wait to start this one. I sat down maybe an hour after reading Thunder Struck and starting this one and stayed up until I finished it. Jeni and Miles were secondary characters in Thunder Struck and I just knew this book was going to be fabulous. I was not disappointed at all, in fact this book exceeded my expectations. Jeni and Miles are both very strong characters and I absolutely fell in love with them in the previous book and even more so after reading this book. I didn’t want it to end it was that good. I just kept trying to read slower so the book wouldn’t end. I really love that Jordan and Brandan, as well as many others from previous books, are in this one. I especially loved Nana and how her character is written. My Grandma has Dementia and felt that Nana’s character was written right on the money. I recommend this whole series. It is most definitely one of my favorites!!! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this author! This book deserves many more than 5 AMAZEBALLS stars.

Witty, Sexy, Funny, this has it ALL (Rachel Bound by Books)
This book was full of witty banter and double entendre which made it a seriously funny and easy read. AND…just the right amount of sexy scenes going on that made Thunder Storm a winner. I really enjoyed the entire book, and I was actually kind of disappointed when it ended, I was enjoying myself so much. I just love how Mimi Foster brought the wittiness and the sexiness together to create such fun characters. Even knowing that the other two couples end up together, I’m headed for books 1 and 2 because this one was just THAT enjoyable. I love it when I can sit down and read for a couple of hours and laugh out loud and then say, “Oh Damn, that’s HOT.”


Mimi Foster Jordan's Gift

I loved how tender hearted he became with her (Debbie Beck)
Jordan and Edward were from two completely different worlds. Set in the early 1890s, he was a hardened mine owner, she a vibrant young socialite. I loved how tender hearted he became with her, and that she held her own as a compelling woman when life around them was constantly changing. This is a sweet and tender romance of love and friendship with some raw passion, and is a great compliment to Thunder Struck.

What an awesome Novella – A MUST READ for all romance aficionados (Theresa M. Rodriguez)
I just finished reading Jordan’s Gift by Mimi Foster. I have read every book so far in the Thunder On The Mountain Series and found that although this was out of order, it was an interesting history of one of the love stories from the series. I understand that Novellas are supposed to be a great way to get people’s attention, and this one definitely does. I am not really a Novella lover – I like books that take some time, but I loved this story and was glad to have the chance to add it to my Thunder on the Mountain collection. Each story, no matter what order, makes the rich history of this collection “POP” with further detail and love.

Jordan’s Gift is a gift, a perfect read! (P. Stachel)
Mimi Foster continues to capture my imagination with warm and sensual characters, enchanting settings, beautiful romance and a bit of history. Jordan and Edward are magnetic, and the non-stop fire between them kept me sizzling page after page! Mimi’s novella, the latest in her Thunder on the Mountain Series, left me breathless and impatient for her next story – Willow’s Secret!

Sweet and Sexy (Sexy Books Blog)
Jordan’s Gift is everything I was expecting. Sweet and Sexy! It is a love story of the 1800’s full of romance, courting, and steamy chemistry between the two main characters, Edward and Jordan. It is a stand alone but I highly recommend to read the whole Thunder on the Mountain series by Mimi Foster. Jordan’s Gift is where it all began. We have Edward, a Hottie bachelor, not looking for love until he meets fiery Jordan. Their love is obsessively contagious and it fits perfectly with a cup of tea or a chocolate bar, LOL. The author was successful in delivering a timeless romance and the perfect introduction to the series. Get your copy TODAY!

She’s done it again (Pennylane)
I’m a huge fan of Mimi Foster’s books; Jordan’s Gift was no exception. I enjoy reading and have a tendency to skip over parts when there is a lot of detail. Not with Mimi. She has a way of painting such vivid pictures that I don’t want to miss a single word. Edward and Jordan’s love story is so beautiful and captures you from their very first meeting. Their journey to be together despite the obstacles they encounter make you want the story to never end. Can’t wait for her next book in the series.

Love the secrets, the twists and turns! (Jenna D’oria)
Edward is hard, but Jordan ends up softening his rough edges. Jordan is someone you can admire because she’s never whiny, and has a backbone to stand up to any situation. Enjoyed Andrew, he’s a great (horrible) villain as well. This was a sexy, quick Sunday escape.

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