Author Mimi FosterMimi is a fifth-generation Floridian who grew up all over the country, but St. Petersburg, Florida is her hometown. She settled in Colorado in the early 1970’s and considers her greatest achievement in life to be her five daughters, who have now given her five grandchildren to spoil. Blessed with being married to her best friend, she loves to write about chance encounters that change lives for the better. In addition to being an incurable romantic, Mimi is an award-winning Realtor, as well as a blogger and photographer.

When in college in Boulder, Colorado, she loved to hop in her Toyota (‘Cletus’) and tool around the mountains. She missed the wide expanse of water of the Gulf of Mexico that she could see from her bedroom window growing up in St. Petersburg, and her heart yearned for the sound of waves crashing on a shoreline. During one of her many college forays, she came around a mountain pass and saw water – lots and lots of water, and her heart sang. Barker Reservoir in Nederland became her favorite haunt, and she escaped there at every opportunity – to study, to read, to absorb. Sitting in her car one day, watching angry whitecaps form on the Reservoir as the sky began pouring flakes, it was her first experience with thundersnow, a strange phenomenon of thunder reverberating in the confined space of heavy clouds.

The years moved her down the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains, and no amount of aquariums or ponds could satisfy her soul’s longing. On an afternoon outing a few years ago, she and her husband drove along back trails to Boulder and found themselves in Nederland, and she felt like she’d found an old friend. When she decided to write a book, she used a profession (realtor) and location (Nederland) that were familiar to her. At the back of Thunder Snow is the first chapter for book 2 in her series. Rushing to get it to the printer but not able to think of a name for the second book, she knew it would be a three-part series and was anxious to hit the ‘send’ button on the manuscript. Sitting with a friend in her living room tossing title ideas back and forth, her husband passed by and quietly said, “How about Thunder Struck?” The Thunder on the Mountain Series was born.

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