Jack’s Nederland House THUNDER SNOW

If you’ve read Book One in the Thunder on the Mountain series, Thunder Snow, you probably have a visual image of Callie’s ‘cabin in the woods.’ On a recent trip to Nederland, I took a photo of this house on the water that I have, personally, always imagined what Jack’s house would look like. In the book, you never hear about Jack’s house, but we know he lived nearby, and while this one is not as unique as I believe Jack’s house might be, the location and the splendor of the setting are right.

If you haven’t visited Nederland, there are some beautiful sites to see in this hamlet on the water. Check out The Pioneer Inn, Carousel of Happiness, Blue Owl Books, and many other fun sites, as you scope out the town that brought Jack and Callie, Brandan and Jordan, and Jeni and Miles together.

Pioneer Inn Nederland CO