In my other life I am Mimi Foster Realtor

Things that motivate my writing

Much of the time I am Mimi Foster, Realtor. While I sell real estate all over Colorado Springs, my heart has long been excited with the homes in the Victorian Old North End. For over a decade my husband and I updated many Victorians in downtown Colorado Springs. It was those thousands of hours that inspired a lot of my writing and vision for what is and what might have been.

During much of our reconstruction of these older homes, I became enchanted with the notion of what it might be like if the walls could talk in the homes that I was selling or that we were working on.

Mimi Foster RealtorRecently, one of my clients blessed me with a tiny pair of ice skates. I can’t explain it, but to me they were magical. So magical that they have found their way into my next book, Thunder Struck, Book 2 of the Thunder on the Mountain Series set in Nederland, CO. I keep them on display where I can see them. I have lots of stories about them. They make me happy.