I Got ’em

Webb CityWhen I was a young girl in St. Petersburg, Florida (MANY decades ago), there was a wonderful place called Webb City on the corner of Ninth Street and Second Avenue. If you are over 50, I’m sure you remember. It was torn down in 1979, but one of my vivid memories is the Mermaid Show. I have no idea how many city blocks it occupied, but it was a conglomerate (probably much like WalMart today) of many different stores.

My grandparents had a friend whom people called “I got ’em.” He would drive his truck or ride his bike and deliver food and ice and do yard work during the 1920’s and 1930’s. As he got older, he would sit outside of Webb City and ring his bell and say, “I got ’em! Fresh fish! Caught ’em alive!” What a fond memory. What a different way of life.

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    1. Several years ago I was back visiting my hometown of St. Pete and went to the Saturday morning market [then on Central at 1st]. I Got em’s nephew was there dressed like the original. I remember in the 40’s and 50’s I Got’em with a little red wagon walking up and down streets collecting anything people wanted to discard. Truly one of St. Pete’s earliest recyclers! He was a man of great dignity
      and oozed self-esteem. Miraculous given the way at that time we whites treated people of African descent.

      On another note – does anyone remember “The Mole”.. In the 40’s and 50’s you could see him looking through trash bins for cigar butts and anything else useful. Always in a suit – albeit it stinky dirty. When he died, he left his church something like $25,000. Never judge a person by their outer appearance and action!~

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