Dolphins Dance During Dinner

Dancing Dolphins

Diving into bubble ringsWe recently made the sad, final trip home to Florida to bury my mother, Virginia J. Henry, in the family plot in St. Petersburg. It was a time of closure, of seeing long-lost relatives, and a time of relaxation.

We were blessed with a wonderful place that had a balcony overlooking the water. At odd hours during the day, the dolphins would play and entertain for long periods of time. One would blow a perfect surface bubble and another would jump through it. I imagine they were feeding on the thousands of small fish that congregated against the retaining wall, but it was a joy to watch nonetheless.

My daily life is blessed with wondrous views of mountains, especially Pikes Peak. But no matter how long I’ve been gone, the water and its inhabitants are still a siren’s song for me.

Dolphins Dance