Your characters are not your children

Thunder StormAs I approach the completion of my third novel (Thunder Storm), I spend my free time (my what?) reading books that will help sharpen my writing skills. From identifying superfluous words to breathing more reality into my characters, I like to spend snippets of time studying my craft. On one recent adventure, I read a sentence that I have thought of at least a dozen times. “Your characters are not your children, it’s okay to throw them in front of a bus.”

Unfortunately, I don’t remember which tome I found that in, but it opened a new range of possibilities for me. I don’t have to spend so much time taking care of them and their feelings like I do my children, I need to put them in uncomfortable situations that make for a more interesting story, and watch them climb their way out. While I’m almost done with the Thunder on the Mountain series, I look forward to new and heightened hero/heroine challenges in future novels.