Can you feel the Thunder?

High praise for Mimi Foster’s Thunder Struck

It warms an author’s heart when readers are moved and involved in a story into which a writer has invested time and emotion. This opinion of Thunder Struck warmed my heart and was so gratifying to me that someone else felt the intensity of the tale. Thank you, Amazon Reviewer, for your kind words.

Vintage books, brandy, candleThis is the most intensely romantic and supernatural story I have ever read. The author uses intrigue and written materials (a diary and letters from the 1800’s) and a wonderful old house of Jordan’s and Brandan’s ancestors to link them to the present. Ms. Foster skillfully traces the life of long ago Jordan to present day Jordan, and ancestor Jordan’s Edward to present day Brandan.

It is such a beautiful and poignant story that you find you are so caught up in the span of time and places that you just can’t put it down. There is an old mystery that is being revived and solved in present day Colorado. It is such a loving and original presentation of the past connecting the present and linking the lineage of both Jordan and Brandan, you will find you are caught up and literally holding your breath waiting for the conclusion, whatever it might be.

This book is worth ten times the price and will make you want to go back in time and see if you have a mystery in your family tree that might be worth solving. If you pass this one up, you are by passing a diamond among the crystals.

Buy, Read, Enjoy. This author has spun a tale like none I have recently read. This entire series is a winner.

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