Three Delightful Things To Do During Quarantine

couple in kitchen looking at ipad

Group Dinners Are you looking for interesting things to do during quarantine? With the availability of features like FaceTime, Zoom, Houseparty, Skype (does anyone use Skype anymore?), tele-meetings are almost as easy as turning on your phone, tablet, or computer. A dear friend of mine has started Sunday Dinners. My husband and I had so … Read more

Can you feel the Thunder?

Mimi Foster's Thunder Struck

High praise for Mimi Foster’s Thunder Struck It warms an author’s heart when readers are moved and involved in a story into which a writer has invested time and emotion. This opinion of Thunder Struck warmed my heart and was so gratifying to me that someone else felt the intensity of the tale. Thank you, … Read more

I want to marry your Mother

I now pronounce you husband and wife

My personal Superhero We had been neighbors and business partners for eight years. One unforgettable day a new spark ignited between us. Only problem was, my Superhero was a confirmed bachelor and wanted absolutely nothing to do with marriage. So after a decade of being best friends who had fallen in love, I opted to … Read more

Excerpt from Jordan’s Gift

Locket with Jordan and Edward

After writing the contemporary Thunder on the Mountain Series, I became so enamoured of the ancestors who wrote the journals found in Thunder Struck that I decided to write their stories. This is an early scene from Jordan’s Gift when Edward and Jordan had only met a few times. ****************** She’d put in a long … Read more

Stealing Runner’s Heart Available

Runner's Heart Mimi Foster Books

When she was a child, he was her hero. When she grew up, he was her dream. Charlotte Rose has loved Runner Jeffries since she was a little girl. He taught her almost everything she needed to know about living, and they were constant companions until he went away to college. But even that didn’t … Read more

Mile High Author Event

On September 17, 2016, the Mile High Author Event will take place at the Westin Hotel in Downtown Denver. Designed to bring traditionally published and indie authors together with their readership, tickets are on sale through September 16. Come and meet this fantastic lineup of authors from around the globe and have them sign your … Read more

From horses to dogs, there was Thunder

Irish Wolfhound named Thunder in Willow's Secret

Willow’s protective Irish Wolfhound After I started writing Willow’s Secret, I stopped for a while to tell the story of her parents (Jordan’s Gift), because I thought it was an important part of Willow’s tale. In Jordan’s Gift, we find out where the name Thunder came from, and why Jordan and Edward named their daughter Willow. … Read more


Willow’s Secret Mimi Foster From the time I first wrote about the journals in Thunder Struck, I have been enamored with the story of Willow. When I finished Thunder Storm, I decided to pursue the historical romance of Willow and Charles. Somewhere along the way, I interrupted Willow’s story and wrote about her parents, Jordan and … Read more

What Does Fifty Shades have to do with Valentine’s?

What does 50 Shades have to do with Valentine's Day?

Fifty Shades and Romance – Oil and Water? For the past few months I’ve been working on my soon-to-be-released historical romance, Willow’s Secret. It’s full of people who care about each other, who care about the well-being of their partner, who give what they have to make life easier for the person they love, or … Read more

Historical or Contemporary Romance? Having fun with both!

Historical Romance or Contemporary Romance? When I first started writing, I was excited to be part of the Contemporary Romance genre. After Thunder Struck was published, I was totally enamoured with the character of Willow that Jordan and Brandan discovered from the journals they found during their remodel of Jordan’s Victorian home. After writing another Contemporary … Read more

Interesting discoveries when doing research for historical novels

Willow's Secret with cameras

John D. Rockefeller, Jr. When you hear the name Rockefeller, it is often associated with words like ‘philanthropy’ and ‘charity’ and ‘Christianity.’ But in doing research for my upcoming novel set in the early 1910’s, there is every indication that those words were nothing but artistic license to cover over greed and avarice by a man … Read more

Blog Tour Sexy Books Blog

Interview Mimi Foster

Interview with Mimi Foster Recently I had the honor of being involved with the wonderful group at SexyBooksBlog on a week-long blog tour for Thunder Struck and Thunder Storm. I had a lot of fun doing it. Here’s a copy of the interview I did with them. What triggered the story behind your latest release? Jeni … Read more

If I am ever a romance heroine, I will not

foster girls

New York Times Bestselling Author Jennifer Crusie has a HILARIOUS list on her website called “If I am ever a romance heroine, I will not . . .” Here is the list for your reading enjoyment. I think Number 19 is my favorite. Have you got some you’d like to add? “If I am ever … Read more

THUNDER STRUCK December 2013

Thunder Struck

THUNDER STRUCK Cover Reveal Few things warm my heart more than hearing from people who loved Thunder Snow and are awaiting the second book in the Thunder on the Mountain Series, Thunder Struck. It is scheduled for publication the first week in December, 2013. In the meantime, here is the introduction of the cover for … Read more

THE Joan Wilder?

buried in paperwork

In my ‘other life’ I have a fast paced, often intense job. When I started writing, I thought it was so much fun to sit for hours/days/weeks and get lost in my characters. When I recently finished the first edit for Book 2 in the Thunder on the Mountain Series, Thunder Struck, I became conscious … Read more

What women are looking for in romance novel heroes

What women want in romance heroes

Romance Novel Heroes Men. The older I get, the more I love them. And I’m obviously not the only one since there was one-and-a-half BILLION dollars in revenue generated last year from the romance genre. So what is it that makes us take our hard earned dollars and countless hours of our time to read … Read more

Cover Design in Process

Yesterday was a culmination of months of work, and it finally feels like we are on the home stretch. I am working with a wonderful company called The Killion Group, Inc. to design my cover. After pouring through thousands of steamy photos of redheads, Kim Killion settled on tender simplicity, and I couldn’t be more … Read more

THUNDER SNOW in final stages

During a recent Writer’s Conference in Crested Butte, CO, I had the privilege of meeting and spending time with two wonderful ladies from The Killion Group. Among other things, Kim Killion and Jennifer Jakes are experts at cover design, formatting, editing, and generally getting your book ready for publication. We are embarking on a new … Read more


Barker Reservoir Nederland CO

Just outside of Boulder, Colorado sits the hamlet of Nederland. Unique and breathtaking with its mountain ranges that overlook the water, Nederland is a step back in time that shouldn’t be missed. It is also the setting for my upcoming book, Thunder Snow, to be published in August, 2013.